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Subject: [IP] Temp. Basal Changes

Temporary basal reductions are great for sports or increased activity that
are going to last more than a couple of hours, or after strenuous exercise,
when the sugar often stays down a while.  The problem with PE is that it's a
quick transition from sitting in class to vigorous exercise.  The insulin
that's in the system from the last 2-3 hours (for Humalog) keeps working,
even though less in going in with the temp basal rate.  So, for PE, it
really works better to snack before hand, or if PE is soon after a meal,
decrease the insulin to carb ratio.

My daughter's PE class never looks like they're doing anything that
strenuous in PE, but it drops her sugar like a rock.  She drinks a 25 gram
orange juice (in the box, so it's easy to keep in class) before PE.

Most kids do disconnect for a contact sport like basketball.  The extra
exercise usually makes up for the missed insulin, but some people need to
bolus for the missed insulin, especially if they're going to play longer
than an hour or so.  Occasionally, there's a kid like my kid who has an
exaggerated adrenaline response to exercise, and needs to bolus a little
extra (covered with food) before exercise, and keep pumping during exercise.
Her drop comes after exercise.  The important thing is to monitor
frequently, and adjust accordingly.

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, age 10

<<My question is about phys. ed. class - do they do anything considered
strenuous enough to program a temporary basal reduction?  Or even temporary
disconnection?  My son thinks he'll need to disconnect for basketball, but I
hesitate to allow it for obvious reasons.  What is a temporary basal
reduction appropriate for?>>

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