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Subject: [IP] hypoglycemia, need advice, help

Once a person is low enough to be confused, especially a child, they need
someone to make the decisions for them till their sugar is back up.  Don't
"persuade" her to test, if she can't do it herself.   If you want to test,
take her glucometer, prick her
finger, and check her sugar.  If the symptoms are that clear-cut, you don't
really need to test - proceed directly to feeding.  Put the glucose gel,
tablets, or whatever you use, directly in her mouth if she won't put them
there themselves.  You shouldn't  try to reason with her for more than a few
minutes- a
hypoglycemic person is not a rational person at that moment.  And 15 minutes
of energy expended on a fight doesn't help the situation at all.

Hypoglycemic unawareness usually improves if you let her sugars run a little
high for a couple of weeks - 150-180.  If the lows are one particular time
of day, decrease her basals a little for a while.  Easier to correct a few
highs than have this continue happening.  If it's after a meal, try
adjusting the insulin to carb ratio downward.  Watch exercise carefully -
she may need more snack if it's happening around exercise.

This happens to everyone with diabetes, not just kids.  We had an ER doctor
in the hospital who's type 1  where I work that was the most kind, gentle
man you'd ever want to meet - until he became hypoglycemic.  Then he was
mean as a snake and strong as a bear.  They used to call my husband then,
because he was the only one strong enough to squeeze some glucose gel into
his mouth until he came round.  Occasionally the ER nurses would give him IV
glucose, if he'd hold still long enough - don't try this at home!

Nancy Morgan

<<Eve has hypoglycemia unawareness, she only
feels lows at about 45 or lower. When Eve goes low and we notice it, we will
ask her to test b/c we feel she is low. She will refuse to test. Next, we
try to have her eat something but, once again she will refuse. She will
become very belligerent, you can't reason with her, and she is screaming at
this point (I know she is only doing this b/c she is low, she truly doesn't
mean this). This will  sometimes go on for 15 mins. or more. All the time we
are trying to gently convince her to test or eat. By this time she will come
out of it and she will test and of course then she will be in a good range
(70 or higher), b/c of the extreme emotions. This extreme behavior has
happened more since she has been on the pump than MDI. And in the last few
months has happened on least once a week at different times of the day. This
also happens in public. I'm putting this post up more about what to do
during the low versus keeping her bg's higher (this is a subject I'm going
to post about later).   >>

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