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[IP] Re: Help

What are the chances you have an underlying infection?  Bladder,
respiratory, stomach, or otherwise?  Check your temp.  Even if you don't
have a fever, if this continues tomorrow, call the doc and ask.  I know a
lot of times I have had unexplained highs that turned into some type of
infection.  Remember, too, that diabetic women can have what's called
silent UTIs (urinary tract infections).  Sometimes the urine will be very
cloudy with this, sometimes it won't.  Good luck, and I hope you get it
fixed quickly!

PS Tab was a drink made by Coca Cola in the 60-70's era.  It was
sweetened with saccharine and was THE DRINK for dieters/diabetics.  Now
that we have, and are used to, aspartame, it seems like nasty stuff but
adding a squirt of lemon juice definately helped.  (today's history

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