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<<Well I guess I have finally found someone else out there like me.  Yes I do 
the same thing premenstrually.  The doctor tried to tell me that other 
variable are to blame and it would be hard to tell the difference. ( ie 
exercise or food intake variations) but i have documented over many months 
that my bgs rise from day 12 to day 24( the day I start) and then I have a 
major drop the other way. <snip> It seems I crash more than I want also It 
looks like I have my basals set and then they change again really regularly 
as every two weeks.  I was told by my doctor and CDE that all the other 
patients have basal rates that are set within a few weeks of starting pumping 
and rarely change.  They also have no more than 3-4 basal rates daily.>>

My experiences with female DM'ers show that what you experience is not 
unusual. It follows the normal rise and fall of estrogen/progesterone of the 
menstrual cycle. Most people may have 3-4 basal rates, but there are 
exceptions. The beauty of having a pump is that you can identify your own 
personal differences ( or uniqueness) and solve a lot of the BG control 
problems when there is no long acting insulin to confuse the picture of who 
you really are! Aso, check the FAQ at the main site for a write up of the 

Barbara B.
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