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Re: [IP] butter dishes, refrigerators, and bras..


Okay, I feel so much better now.  I keep Erica's insulins in the butter
dish on the refrigerator door, and I warm up the insulin in my bra if we
are caught short for a site change.  We mix, so I have to warm up two!
Erica thinks it is disgusting :-)

I am so glad that I keep checking in on the list for all the things I
need to learn/share and all the things that can make me laugh.

The beauty of this list?  Well, through it I have met some wonderful
people in the cyber sense and the physical sense.  On thursday night of
this week, one mom and her pumping son will be visiting overnight from
another province, and then going camping with us for the weekend, and
then another mom who desperately wants to get her son pumping will also
be dropping in on the same night to meet us all, and hopefully give her
son a boost towards pumping.  He is reluctant.  We are hoping to do for
them what others did for us.  Take away the fear of pumping and see it
in action.  They are also from another province and we are hoping they
can join us camping too!  So, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince
Edward Island will be joining forces Thursday night!!  Y I P P E E !

Keep on pumping IPers!!!

Barb....Erica's mom

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