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[IP] Please send an email to this senator!

 Hi IP friends.  A friend from the Children With Diabetes chat room asked if 
I could help her with this cause.  I offered to post it at IP as we all feel 
strongly about rights of choice when it comes to the pump.  Here's her email 
request:  Thanks, Ellen

Senator  John J. H. Schwarz, (email @ redacted) is the 
Republican for District 24 in Michigan.  I would like to get some funding for 
the University of Michigan Diabetes Clinic, to fund a pump research program
for the 5 to 10 year olds.  There are some funds left over from the
cigarette tax.  They are looking for a way to spend it (no, it's my
money, find your own funds :-)).  I would like to get as many people as
I can to e-mail him, I think it doesn't matter which way we reach him, as 
long as we
do.  I believe that the pump is not for everyone, but I also think it
should be a choice, and something that is available because you want it,
not because you are old enough.

email @ redacted (Kathy Green)
Kathy Green, mom to Allie, almost 7, dx'd at age 2.

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