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Re: [IP] No Carb Diets

On 31 Aug 99, at 15:25, email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi I find that low carbs has made my blood sugar come down quite a bit ...
> and my eye sight has improved ?? ,, when I eat carbs I get a high blood
> sugar that last for a while ... so would it be safe to say that low carb
> is better then high carb diet ?? Julie

I think it would be "safe" to say that a 'low carb' diet would be good 
for any person with diabetes (PI: diabetic). Now the question about 
"No Carb" diet is a different matter.  There it would be questionable, 
but certainly YMWV, it might work.  I don't suggest it lightly, you 
would be better off with knowledgeable help (Dr., CDE etc.)!

George    (I've gotta Pump, so give me my Carbs!)    ;>)
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