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Re: [IP] The "bible" needs updating

One thought:)
wouldn;t it be nice if  Pumping Insulin would be small enough to carry with?
email @ redacted

At 06:35 PM 08/31/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>This thought has been festering.
>    "Pumping Insulin"  is indeed the pumpers'  Bible in that it instructs us
>in the proper treatment of man slaves  and what to do if you see one of your
>brother's oxen stray.
>    O.K.That's an exaggeration. But  it's time for the authors to update
>this staple of a guidebook to incorporate Humalog information and I don't
>mean tacking on a "Humalog supplement," which others have correctly
>described as a reworking of Eli Lilly's package insert.
>   The book, published in 1994,  needs a recalculation of estimated starting
>doses, the timing for the fasting tests for fine tuning basals, start up
>projections for insulin  and carbohydrate ratios  and ratios for insulin to
>BG points over target.   The unused insulin rule needs to be calculated for
>Humalog. The timing of boluses for smoothing after meal peaks needs
>recalculating,  guidelines on basal reductions and basal increases for
>exercise and sick days -- In short, everything in the book needs redoing to
>incorporate what is known about Humalog. And it would be nice to have a
>volume that considers the features that come with the newer pumps and
>infusion sets -- things like dual wave and square wave bolusing capability,
>setting  temporary basal rates, quick release and more.
>    It should do all this and still present the information on Regular
>because some pumpers use Velosulin or a mix.
>    If this were a perfect world, I would also dream of a spiral bound
>volume with a cover and paper that doesn't curl. (At least the got rid of
>the pictures in the middle of text that made "Stop the Rollercoaster" so
>difficult to read.)
>      My frustration is that Pumping Insulin is *almost*  the book I need. I
>can see its potential but am frustrated because 1) it would not be wise to
>just apply the information as is. 2) Although I could make up algorithms to
>try to make conversions based on the likely action of Humalog, that is time
>consuming.  3) it is also risky, because mathematical errors are easy to
>make and there could be some piece of information I am overlooking.
>     Why am I griping about this here and now?
>    Well, I'm pulling together my thoughts to write to the
>authors/publishers of "Pumping Insulin" and I'm inviting yours. I also think
>that new pumpers (and I still am one) should perhaps be alerted to the
>book's insufficiencies.  And maybe there are a different set of authors out
>there wondering what book they should write now.
>Anika, the heretical
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