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Re: [IP] ruth-thyroid, antibody test (was testing every 2 hours)

Yes, there was an article in Diabetes Forecast magazine about 4 yrs ago
that had an article about auto-immune disease running in clusters with
Many people who have diabetes also have thyroid disease.
Do antibodies go away? So far mine haven't.  You may wish to do a search
about antibodies or ask your doctor. and do reading about thyroid disease..

Take care and pumping will go fine:)
email @ redacted
PS if you wish email me and we can talk more about thyroid.

At 04:33 PM 08/31/1999 -0700, you wrote:
>  you should be around 140-170 two
>>hours later...not the reverse.
>first, thanks for this number, it will give me a guide!
>.geneva is on thyroid meds and we never noticed this having any effect
>>on her levels.  she is growing and requiring new synthroid  prescription
>>every few months.
>second, can you tell me if there is any relationship between thyriod 
>function and diabetes?  My doctor said I should have a thyroid test . . 
>.it's a Looooooong story . . .basically my antibody tests came back negative 
>and they can't find any insulin resistence, I'm frustrated and worried and 
>scared . . .but as of now . . .still insulin dependent and starting pumping 
>in 6 days . . .sigh. Do the antibodies go away?  Mine were .2 and positive 
>is above one. if anyone has ANY info, please tell me!
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