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Re: [IP] Gianna/no carb diet

Hi! yes, I definately agree that the Atkins diet is dangerous. I would never 
go that far towards no carbs! I am not trying to lose weight either, I'm 
just trying to maintain my weight, which (for me) i easier with less 
insulin, which means less, but not no carbs. I usually eat about 150 carbs a 
day and so far . . .so good. But I do believe this is everyone's personal 
choice. . . .and I'm not fanatical about my diet either. . . .it's just that 
when I overdo the carbs, I seem to need TONS more insulin and have trouble 
bringing bg's down.  oh well . . .--gianna

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>Subject: [IP] Gianna/no carb diet
>Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 22:28:39 EDT
>Yes, with only fat and protein you'd go into ketosis.  That's what the 
>Diet does, and it makes you drop weight quickly, dangerously.  In fact, you
>have to test for ketosis - and when it is positive you know you are
>"successful" at the diet.  This was very popular 20 yrs. ago - and is 
>back again now.  Sounds very dangerous to me.
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