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Re: [IP] Temp. Basal Changes

Sunny -

I am on .4 u/hour 24 hours per day.  Very lucky to have it so stable, but
when I go for a walk in our local park 3.5 miles (about 1 hour walk), I put
my pump on suspend.  I've tested before the walk, I've tested after the
walk, and my bg always goes down a little.
How long is your son's phys ed class?  Probably less than one hour, but also
probably more strenuous.  My humble opinion, is put it on suspend the first
day, and test before and after if he's willing.  At least it won't send him
into a hypo, and if it's a little high, he can easily correct when he does
his next test.  One nice thing about that pump - temp basals and that darn
nice "suspend" button.  You'll obviously have to test and experiment, but in
the beginning, err on the side of caution.

Good luck to you and your son!    Jane

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