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Re: [IP] Temp. Basal Changes

> My son is starting 7th grade tomorrow and we've only been pumping
> for a week. 
>  My question is about phys. ed. class - do they do anything
>  considered 
> strenuous enough to program a temporary basal reduction?  Or even
> temporary disconnection?  My son thinks he'll need to disconnect for
> basketball, but I hesitate to allow it for obvious reasons.  What is
> a temporary basal reduction appropriate for?
Relax. First you'll have to see what his short term reaction to 
exercise does to his bg's. A relatively small percentage 
of individuals need additional insulin, most need less. Disconnecting 
is not a big deal, my daughter does it all the time and has for 
years. Swimming is about the only thing that is a hugh energy drain 
and then primarily due to heat loss, not exercise. Ask him to test 
before disconnecting, at the 1/2 hour mark (if he remembers) and 
again after gym. Think about it. On shots, he went hours between 
insulin adjustments.

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