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Re: [IP] hypoglycemia, need advice, help


YES, YES, and YES!!!  To me for months!!  Before I went on the pump, I had
severe hypoglycemic unawareness, and the same exact behavior!  People
(usually at work) would tell me to eat, and I'd refuse!  I only believed
certain people - who I knew well, and evidently - they tell me now - they
had to be careful how to "suggest" eating to me.  The teacher who just wrote
recently, saying offer the hypoglycemic person a choice, probably has a very
GOOD idea.  I think I would have responded much better if their
"presentation" had been a little different.  I recently (6 months ago -
pre-pump)  actually had parked the car at a McDonald's, intending to go in
and buy food, but my blood sugar got low while sitting in the car.  The
uniformed policeman walked over to the car and asked me to open the door,
and I refused!  The people at the ER thought it was entertaining!  He must
have talked me out of the car, because the next day, there it was!  But
major embarrassment and expense and time-wasted going to the ER, just for an
insulin reaction.  But - obviously the same behavior as your daughter!

I think the teacher's idea was a good one!  Give her a choice - what would
you like to have?  Luckily, now for me on this pump, I now feel my lows at
about 40, although today I had a 39 at work, but felt it.  I tell you what -
to all those people who say that today people are "no d*** good" - many
total strangers have helped me tthrough really horrible times!  Ask your
daughter, when her blood sugar is normal, what does she suggest?  I just
went through a study at U of MD hospital for severe hypo's, and you can
increase awareness by keeping your blood sugars a little higher - for me, it
took about 6 months.

Good luck - if I can help, would be glad to - I have a million stories!

Good luck!  Jane

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