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Subject: [IP] what all do i need to do for school?

Hi Amy -
I just did a presentation for a group of middle school teachers on diabetes
in general and pumps in specific, since they hadn't had a diabetic student
for several years, and this year they have 2, both on pumps.  I had prepared
about 15 minutes, covering lows, highs, and how pumps work.  They were very
interested, wanted to know lots of details, and asked a ton of questions.
Last year, the elementary school teachers looked like, "Do I have to be
here?"  So, go prepared to present the basics like you're planning:  What
hypoglycemia is, what you look/ act like when low, how to treat it: What
hyperglycemia is, how you act, how you treat it:  Where you'll keep your
supplies, when you need to test, where you can change a site if need be:
Basic operation of the pump.  But don't be surprised if they want to know a
whole lot more.  Hope it goes well.

As far as treating lows at school, do it like at home.  23 grams of CHO is a
lot for most if they're not seriously low - Jenna uses the Juicy Juice Jr.
juice boxes - take up less room, and are only 15 grams of CHO.  Also, she
likes Kudo bars, also 15 grams.  She also eats something like that before
PE - if her glucose is target range before PE, she'll be low quickly if she
doesn't.  If you do eat something to bring up a low that's more carbs than
you need, bolus for the part that is extra - but wait until your sugar is
back up before you do it.

Nancy Morgan, Jenna's mom

<<We have a meeting with my 8 teachers on
Wednesday. How much detail do I need to go into? Should I demonstrate a
fingerstick? I'm planning on disconnecting the pump and showing them
some "normal" sounds, warning them about alarms, and going over highs
and lows. Should I also show them how to turn the pump off? All 8 of
them? Should I plan on dealing with school lows ONLY using glucose
tabs? If not, and i drink oj (23g cho a box) how much do i bolus for
it, any?--obviously not the 1.5 I would normally b/c i'd be low, but
 any ideas about Wednesday? how general/specific should I be

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