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Re: [IP] Exercise with a pump

(1) Are there special pump "harnesses/holders" that tend to work better than

Really this depends on which pump you are looking at.  The disetronic pump 
has a newer case out.  It is hard plastic with a clip that can swivel so 
that you can place the pump in any direction.  they also have several 
leather and strap type of cases and holders.  You can also try a "beeper" 
or a custom case shop to see what they can do.

>(2) Does sweating increase the risk of infection at the infusion site?

hmm  good question..  as far as i know the sweat itself helps fight of 
microbes but also others can grow on  it..  In the months that I sweat 
allot i cannot tell an increase in the infections.  I hardly get any.

>(3) How much of a hassle is it to exercise and pump?

No hassle at all i usually forget where it is.

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