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[IP] job interviews

I have a question, which may not be appropriate for this forum.  If
it's not let me know nicely & I'll withdraw it.

I'm currently starting to job hunt again. (3rd time in last 1.5 years!)
The question I always struggle with is when to mention the diabetes
during the interview process.  I usually tell them if they ask if there
are any issues which may affect my job performance, but almost feel
that is a mark against me.  After all, despite the occasional (usually)
lows, it doesn't affect me anymore than a normal person with a serious
head cold on OTC medicines!  But I'm also afraid that if I don't
mention it they can fire me for not being totally honest.

Anyone with any experiences and/or suggestions.  I don't want to start
a thread of harsh debate, just wondering how others are dealing with
this issue.

Suzanna- diabetes for 15 years, pumping 2.5 years

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