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Re: [IP] testing every 2 hours

Thanks for the info...but I'm still confused, basal or bolus?  A little
more info...I'm pretty sure my nighttime basal is fairly close...I
started with pre-bed of 64 (treated with just juice), had a fasting
this am of 53 (again treated with about 6-8 oz of juice) then later ate
breakfast and bolused 1:10 as usual about 8:45.  At 1035 my bg was 131
(good, right?) but at 11:28 I'm back down to 51 which I'll treat with a
can of 11.5 oz oj (no bolus) then will bolus 1:10 - 2 units for lunch
and end up low again (That's the low day pattern so far.  My last TSH
was 33.3 way off, the one a month ago was .4...and my metabolism is
super sensitive so that's why my doc was hoping to stabilize the
thyroid before doing major changes.  If I can't figure it out by the
end of the week I'll call him again.

--- Ruth Schneider <email @ redacted> wrote:
> it sounds as if your carb ratio is off.   if you see
> a sudden plunge about
> two hours after a meal...the ratio is too low.  I
> would try reducing the
> amount of insulin per carb unit by .1 at a time
> until you aren't having
> these lows.
> for example...if you are using 1 unit of insulin to
> cover 19 carbs...try 1
> unit to cover 20 carbs instead.  we noticed with
> geneva that we were way OFF
> and she kept dropping .  but we noticed that the
> pattern was always the
> same.  one to two hours after a meal.  you should be
> around 140-170 two
> hours later...not the reverse.
> you may see a different ratio for each time of day. 
> breakfast, lunch,
> dinner.  geneva's are separate.  don't know why.
> also...geneva is on thyroid meds and we never
> noticed this having any effect
> on her levels.  she is growing and requiring new
> synthroid  prescription
> every few months.
> if your BG's are dropping as a "block" it is usually
> the basals that need
> adjusting up or down.  if it is a singular low
> /high...then we find that the
> carb ratio is incorrect.  took us two months to
> discover this little quirk.
> ruth and geneva

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