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[IP] Diabetes Prevention Trial -Type I

Good Evening IP Land.....

I would like to get some feedback from my fellow IPers.  I saw a blurb in
the latest Diabetes Forecast about
the Diabetes Prevention Trial - Type I.  Since the letter was written by
Jay Skyllar at U. of Miami, it piqued my 
curiosity.  I called about this and was told that they are screening
close relatives of Type I diabetics to determine if 
the islet cell antibody was present in their blood.  If so, there would
be further testing to determine the presence of the
HLA (?) gene, insulin levels, etc.  If the participants were at risk,
then they would be started on either oral (yes, oral)
insulin or injections of Ultralente dependent upon the screening results
to determine if by using these prophylactic 
measures the onset of Type I could be delayed or prevented.

I am taking Britton, my 3 yr. old son to get blood drawn tomorrow to
determine if he is at risk and if so,
meets the criteria for the study.  My question:   Is anyone else on IP
participating in this study?  I would very much 
like to hear from ya'll.  Feel free to respond to me privately at
email @ redacted or on the list as 
appropriate.  I am most excited about this.  If my beautiful boy (who's
supposed to be in the bed, but just 
wandered through with a diet coke in his hand) has inherited the risk of
developing this disease from me,
I want to give him the best chance of avoiding of developing full-blown

Thought for the evening:

"Never, Never, NEVER give up"    Winston Churchill

Mark in Montgomery 
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