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Re: [IP] pure fluff

>> Then I just put them in an uncovered plastic storage thingie in my
>> butter compartment in the refrigerator.
>This really cracked me up!  Do we all store insulin in the butter
>dish??  I forget it's there, but I wonder what my guests think about all
>the medical paraphernalia in my butter compartment.


It's all part of a highly-sophisticated, intricately-organized plot.
Hopefully our respective guests will never put two & two together & realize
that two incredibly intelligent groups- Diabetics & People With Diabetes-
have joined forces in their plot to take over the world, beginning with all
known butter compartments for use in storing our amunition to be healthy!!

Okay, this is what my brain does in the "pre-coffee" stage of the morning!
Still, it was REALLY nice to wake up to some fluff to smile about- started
my day off right!  And on the serious side, in response to your question, I
hadn't realized that the takeover of butter compartments (hereafter known as
"Operation ButterDish") was so instinctive & universal.  When I read your
e-mail, it occured to me that not only does my own butter compartment now
spend its days safeguarding insulin, but that it seems I've commandeered
those at the homes of my mother & a good friend I often visit for the
weekend as well!  Wonder if that will move me up to a higher rank when the
takeover is complete?  :)

Alright, alright- time for coffee & rational thought...have a great day,
Pumpers Everywhere!!


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