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[IP] pregnancy

Gianna I noticed your comments about pegnancy to Tracy the other day and
had to comment.  I guess I'm too proud but years ago when I was
diagnosed(24) to be exact), I was tol;d by my doctor that I wouldn't be
able to have children. Well I have 4 healthy boys.  The last pregnancy
was a twin pregnancy, whichdespite my own fears was vwery successful. It
can be done and can be a very positive experience when you are to that
phase of your life.  I was like you, I sought to educate myself through
the years.  I cant say I took great care of myself when I was your
age,nor that I had a pump with any of my pregnacies but it did happen
due to maybe some lukand alot of motivation on my part.  I'm glad you
have the pump. Keep on pumping. Sheila

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