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Re: [IP] what all do i need to do for school?

> How much detail do I need to go into? Should I
> demonstrate a fingerstick? I'm planning on disconnecting the pump
> and showing them some "normal" sounds, warning them about alarms,
> and going over highs and lows. 

Think about the situations where you would need IMMEDIATE assistance.
It is very unlikely that you would go DKA without noticing many other 
problems first, not the least of which would be thirst, going to the 
bathroom, etc.... It's probably safe to rule that one out, but think 
about it anyway.

Going low. This is the biggie. I don't tell Lily's teachers anything 
except how to treat a low or a crash. There are some simple 
guidelines which we use. If behavior is odd or non-standard, get 
reminded to check bg's. If you are low or they suspect you are low, 
you should NOT be "sent to the office", particularly not alone. You 
SHOULD test and treat with glucose, retesting with 15 - 20 minutes 
max until things are OK. If you are found unconscious and it's not 
for some obvious reason (like a bonk on the head) those around you 
should know how to administer glucagon + call 911. There are specific 
laws in a various states that protect individuals from liability 
under these circumstances, usually lumped under the 'good samaritan' 
laws. Make sure and tell them it can't hurt you and may save 
your life. They'll get the message even if the administration puts up 
a fuss. I've found that delivering this information privately to each 
teacher is better than in a formal meeting. It keeps the 
"officialdom" out of the  loop and gets the message across to those 
individuals that you ultimately rely on. Most of this can also go in 
your 504 plan.

If they understand the fundamental problems associated with being 
high or low, know how to help you when you're low, that will solve 
90% of any problems and make them feel more comfortable at the same 
time. Don't overwhelm them with technical details that they won't 
remember and will never deal with anyway. Just the fundamentals.

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