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Re: [IP] testing every 2 hours

> Unfortunately I was never told how to calculate basals or
> carb/insulin ratios when trained for my pump. 

Its not to hard. If you have a copy of Pumping Insulin, a couple of 
hours of reading will reveal most of what you need to know. If you 
don't have it, purchase a copy ASAP, it is the 'bible' of pumping and 
contains a hugh amount of useful information.


for a hyperlink to amazon.

In the mean time, there are several HOWTO's on the subject on the 
howto page of the web site at:


Stop gap, you might consider changing one of your basal rates an hour 
or so before you are usually low. Decrease it by 0.1u/hr to allow 
your bg's to rise a little. Don't do many basals at one time or make 
big changes in any basal rate without throughly testing the bg 
response. Check with your doc or medical team.

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