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[IP] what all do i need to do for school?

Hi all--
 Ok, I've had type 1 since kindergarten, and usually been able to just
give each teacher an emergency pack and info sheet on diabetes with no
probs. Last year, (10th grade) first year in the hs building, I had
some probs, so this year my mom and I are meeting will all of my
teachers b4 school starts. We have a meeting with my 8 teachers on
Wednesday. How much detail do I need to go into? Should I demonstrate a
fingerstick? I'm planning on disconnecting the pump and showing them
some "normal" sounds, warning them about alarms, and going over highs
and lows. Should I also show them how to turn the pump off? All 8 of
them? Should I plan on dealing with school lows ONLY using glucose
tabs? If not, and i drink oj (23g cho a box) how much do i bolus for
it, any?--obviously not the 1.5 I would normally b/c i'd be low, but?? 
 Just nervous b/c never had to go in and "teach" my teachers b4 the
school year started, and I don't want to scare them too much...should
not mention how each year the lows get more frequent and worse!
 I tried a square wave bolus again today and it didn't work, i never
went high from my sundae so will probably go low later from the square
wave part.
 any ideas about Wednesday? how general/specific should I be?
(and I want to do most of the talking but told my mom she must too, so
the teachers do not think I'm just a teen trying to talk about this,
they wouldn't believe me)

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