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[IP] testing every 2 hours

it sounds as if your carb ratio is off.   if you see a sudden plunge about
two hours after a meal...the ratio is too low.  I would try reducing the
amount of insulin per carb unit by .1 at a time until you aren't having
these lows.

for example...if you are using 1 unit of insulin to cover 19 carbs...try 1
unit to cover 20 carbs instead.  we noticed with geneva that we were way OFF
and she kept dropping .  but we noticed that the pattern was always the
same.  one to two hours after a meal.  you should be around 140-170 two
hours later...not the reverse.

you may see a different ratio for each time of day.  breakfast, lunch,
dinner.  geneva's are separate.  don't know why.

also...geneva is on thyroid meds and we never noticed this having any effect
on her levels.  she is growing and requiring new synthroid  prescription
every few months.

if your BG's are dropping as a "block" it is usually the basals that need
adjusting up or down.  if it is a singular low /high...then we find that the
carb ratio is incorrect.  took us two months to discover this little quirk.

ruth and geneva

> Help!  I'm getting really tired of testing every 2 hours throughout the
> day.
For instance my bg just tested 49
> (1.5 hours after lunch) and I'm fairly coherent and only a little
> shaky.  Any suggestions for those who've been here for a short-term
> "stop-gap" solution until my TSH level is back in the therapeutic range
> and seemingly stable?

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