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have you had problems with insulin degradation? --Gianna

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>Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 17:28:54 EDT
>Hi Everyone:  I've been reading the posts about the availability of
>pre-filled syringes for our pumps.  Well..I've been prefilling my own
>syringes for about the last two months.  I just put on some music, get a 
>(am I dating myself or what?!) and fill about 7 or so syringes at a time.  
>store them 3 to a little original wrapper that one comes in (I have a
>MiniMed), fold the top of the wrapper and seal with a paperclip.  Then I 
>put them in an uncovered plastic storage thingie in my butter compartment 
>the refrigerator.
>When filling the syringes I bring the insulin to room temperature just like
>usual and work the bubbles out same as ever.  Then I just put that plastic
>cap back on the needle and make sure the whole thing is good and snug so
>there is no leakage, and store.  Then, when it's time to change my set, I
>just take the syringe out of the frig so it can come to room temp again.  
>bubbles that might have collected are really easy to be rid of.  They 
>form one rather smaller bubble and collect in the neck of the 
>area and are removed with a little tap or when the needle is unscrewed from
>the neck.  If there is a bit of a bubble, it usually is the first thing to 
>propelled through the tubing and can be dripped out .
>Before I posted this message, I called MiniMed and talked to Linda in the
>support area.  I wanted to know if it were possible for gasket problems,
>etc., from sitting in the frig for a couple of weeks. No problems.  Also, 
>long as the insulin filled syringe is brought to room temperature before
>using to avoid those dreaded bubbles, all is O.K.  If there ever is 
>down the road that could prove to be detrimental, she took my name and 
>number and will call me.
>Maybe this method will be of help to others that wish they already had 
>lovely prefilled syringes.  Love to ya all, Joanne Mc
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