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[IP] Velosulin? (was: WHY no humalog in pumps?)

I hate to sound out of it, but what exactly is velosulin?  I have never
heard of it.


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Date: Monday, August 30, 1999 1:22 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] WHY no humalog in pumps?? (was colored insulin, etc.)

>> This is not what my  clinic is saying.  I am on Humalog all the time
>> with nothing else mixed in.  They started me day one and so far I am
>> doing great.  I have only been on my minimed for a short time and
>> still working on the highs and lows.    Is this not approved in
>> other parts of the country?
>This is a topic that comes up frequently.
>The ONLY insulin specifically approved for use in pumps is Velosulin
>BR. However, that means very little. That is simply because Novo
>Nordisk went to the trouble to do the testing and submission to the
>FDA. That does not mean other insulins can not be used. They are all
>approved for human use and that is all that is required for a
>physician to prescribe them for ANY VALID MEDICAL PURPOSE.
>Many medications are prescribed in this manner. To better put it in
>perspective, I'm pretty sure saline solution is not approved for use
>in pumps, but it is routinely "prescribed" as part of the start up
>sequence for training pump users.
>The bottom line is that approval for specific application is not
>required for medications to be prescribed for a specific purpose by a
>physician. This is standard practice and has been going on since
>before there was an FDA.
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