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Re: [IP] PREFILLING SYRINGES-miscommunications

Please read this carefully before posting any more messages on this topic.
Because I feel responsible for the way this thread has gone awry, I feel I
should post one more tedious message. I'm sorry I wasn't clearer in my
original post - which was in response to someone wishing she could buy
colored insulin so she could detect bubbles easier in her tubing.  I
responded by saying I'd much rather have PRE-FILLED, BUBBLE-FREE CARTRIDGES
of HUMALOG that we can purchase from the pharmacy, saving us the drudgery
of filling them (or pre-filling them and storing them in the refrigerator,
as the case may be) ourselves. Okay, I didn't say it exactly that way, but
that's what I meant. I quessed that the reason we can't buy prefilled
cartridges is because of delays in Humalog's FDA approval for use in pumps
(which turned out to be absolutely correct). This caused much hand-wringing
over whether people can use humalog in pumps. OF COURSE WE CAN! But until
it's approved by the FDA for this usage, we must continue to get it with a
prescription - as the vast majority of pumpers preferring Humalog over
Regular have been required to do ever since Humalog became available in the
treatment of diabetes, whether it's via pumps or via syringe. When the
approval is granted, we'll be able to get humalog w/o a prescription, just
like other types of insulin, but even better, Minimed and Disetronic will
then make prefilled cartridges of it available to us. It wouldn't make
sense to manufacture pre-filled cartridges until they can legally fill them
with Humalog, because they know few pumpers who would buy pre-filled carts
of Regular. It's still an open question whether they'll be available in the
various mixtures of Humalog/Regular many of us use. Sorry for the added
-Pete (under 70 right now and very cranky!).

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