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[IP] Re:dietary protein

Gianna, good question about the protein.  I sat down with a kidney
specialist on Friday to ask him about amounts of protein in a diabetic
diet.  I like his philosophy!  The trend of thought used to be that
because protein is so hard for the kidneys to filter it was best to limit
protein to avoid the future damage in diabetics, who were assumed to be
prone to nephropathy anyway.  What the good doctor says is the current
trend, and his practice, is that you would have to limit protein so
drastically (almost removing it completely), it is almost impossible, and
certainly not practical.  He tells people to have their protein, not
overdo things too much, and if they develop problems he puts them on an
ACE inhibitor to protect the kidneys.  
O.K., this wasn't actually how this thread started and maybe not even the
question you were asking, but I found it interesting and thought it might
be helpful! :)  

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