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Re: [IP] diabetic/PWD and different perspectives (was John Walsh)

hey Jen--your post sums up everything I was thinking!  I completely agree 
with you . .  .--Gianna

>From: Jen Woodall <email @ redacted>
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>To: "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] diabetic/PWD and different perspectives (was John Walsh)
>Date: Fri, 27 Aug 1999 00:25:17 -0400
>From: email @ redacted
>Subject: [IP] Re: John Walsh (long)
>Jill seems to have a problem with my philosophy of not viewing my son as
>diabetic (a word, a label, I CHOOSE not to use. I prefer instead to see
>son as a person who loves to read, has many creative ideas, video game
>afficianado.....and he has diabetes.  I don't like to sum him up as "a
>Boy, this issue just never loses steam!  I was having these discussions
>with diabetic friends/friends with diabetes years ago!  I respect
>anyone's right to define him/herself and to use whatever words are
>comfortable.  I know the semantics of it are very important and heated
>to some people.  Personally, I have no preference.  However you say it,
>you are still a person, and you still have diabetes.  I use the term
>diabetic, both as a noun and an adjective, to describe myself.  BUT make
>no mistake; it in no way "sums up" who I am.  It's just one aspect of
>myself.  After all, I'm also female, married, educated, funny (some may
>disagree. . .), bossy, resourceful, American, and many other things.  I
>don't expect people to refer to me as a "person with female gender" or a
>"person from America".  I also don't expect anyone to think that any of
>those attributes DEFINES me.  If someone thinks that, he/she is
>obviously a moron.  My point is just that some people have strong
>preferences about the semantics, but no one should get all bent out of
>shape if someone refers to them the "wrong" way.
>One other thought on this. . . is there maybe some difference of thought
>btwn. people with D and parents of people with D?  Obviously it won't be
>an even split, but I wonder if that's part of it.  I think I'd tend to
>be more protective of my child, making an effort not to define him/her
>as a diabetic but as a full-fledged, multifaceted person.  But hey, as a
>diabetic, it is what I deal with every day.  It sucks.  And I'll take
>the label for my troubles, thank you very much.  I do use it with a sort
>of pride, because it means that I live with a very real, constant, and
>potentially lethal condition every day of my life.  OK. . . maybe I do
>have more of a preference than I thought. . . heh heh
>A note on the series of posts you shared: They sound pretty mean to me.
>I don't expect the parent of a diabetic (or whatever you want to call
>us) to understand what it is like to have D.  And I don't expect someone
>newly diagnosed to understand D the same way as someone who has lived
>with it for years.  But discounting those viewpoints is unnecessary,
>narrow-minded, and mean-spirited.  If you are looking for a list that
>only represents "oldtimers" who have personally lived w/D for 20+ years,
>you need to form another list.  I personally want all those voices
>represented here.  I have learned a lot from those that are most
>different from my own.  Boy would it be dull here w/o the variety!
>proudly diabetic for 13+ years, happily pumping w/the MM506 for almost
>4, DCCT/EDIC participant, and sure to get some interesting responses to
>this post (If you have to be mean, don't send it.  I'm not interested.)
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