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Hi Everyone:  I've been reading the posts about the availability of 
pre-filled syringes for our pumps.  Well..I've been prefilling my own 
syringes for about the last two months.  I just put on some music, get a TAB 
(am I dating myself or what?!) and fill about 7 or so syringes at a time.  I 
store them 3 to a little original wrapper that one comes in (I have a 
MiniMed), fold the top of the wrapper and seal with a paperclip.  Then I just 
put them in an uncovered plastic storage thingie in my butter compartment in 
the refrigerator.  

When filling the syringes I bring the insulin to room temperature just like 
usual and work the bubbles out same as ever.  Then I just put that plastic 
cap back on the needle and make sure the whole thing is good and snug so 
there is no leakage, and store.  Then, when it's time to change my set, I 
just take the syringe out of the frig so it can come to room temp again.  Any 
bubbles that might have collected are really easy to be rid of.  They usually 
form one rather smaller bubble and collect in the neck of the syringe/needle 
area and are removed with a little tap or when the needle is unscrewed from 
the neck.  If there is a bit of a bubble, it usually is the first thing to be 
propelled through the tubing and can be dripped out .

Before I posted this message, I called MiniMed and talked to Linda in the 
support area.  I wanted to know if it were possible for gasket problems, 
etc., from sitting in the frig for a couple of weeks. No problems.  Also, as 
long as the insulin filled syringe is brought to room temperature before 
using to avoid those dreaded bubbles, all is O.K.  If there ever is anything 
down the road that could prove to be detrimental, she took my name and phone 
number and will call me. 

Maybe this method will be of help to others that wish they already had those 
lovely prefilled syringes.  Love to ya all, Joanne Mc
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