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[IP] testing every 2 hours

Help!  I'm getting really tired of testing every 2 hours throughout the
day.  I know my bgs are inconsistent right now due to many issues with
my thyroid levels, but I feel like I'm guessing at my doses and then
following up by checking every 2-3 hours.  Usually I'm falling low more
than high which is in itself frustrating. Unfortunately I was never
told how to calculate basals or carb/insulin ratios when trained for my
pump.  Fortunately my symptoms for low bgs are pretty reliable, and I'm
functional into the 20s (usually).  For instance my bg just tested 49
(1.5 hours after lunch) and I'm fairly coherent and only a little
shaky.  Any suggestions for those who've been here for a short-term
"stop-gap" solution until my TSH level is back in the therapeutic range
and seemingly stable?

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