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Re: [IP] Medium length sets

 <<  would disetronic sets be covered by insurance if you have a MM
> pump? 
>  Yes. The sets are independent of the pumps and.... both companies
>  sell some identical sets under different brand names. All sets fit
>  all pumps currently available in the US.

> Are these sets any more comfortable than the minimed sets?  Are the
> materials any better?  I have a terrible time with allergies and
> "pump bumps" and would like to find something that might react
> better with me.

I wouldn't say they are better, different would be a better 
description. Many people who are thin or small (kids) find them more 
comfortable because they do not have to be inserted as deep. The 
SofSets go straight in and your stuck (no pun intended) with the 
depth. Sils/Tenders/Comfort sets go in at an angle and you can 
control the depth of penetration below the skin layer.

The pump bumps are another matter. There could be several reasons for 
these. You may carry staph bugs (many people do) and need to take 
extra precautions when changing your set to avoid contaminating the 
skin with the critters. You may have a slight reaction to Humalog, as 
many do. Mixing a small amount of Velosulin with your Humalog could 
help reduce or eliminate the irritation and extend the life of the 
infusion site.

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