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Re: [IP] WHY no humalog in pumps?? (was colored insulin, etc.)

> This is not what my  clinic is saying.  I am on Humalog all the time
> with nothing else mixed in.  They started me day one and so far I am
> doing great.  I have only been on my minimed for a short time and
> still working on the highs and lows.    Is this not approved in
> other parts of the country?
This is a topic that comes up frequently.

The ONLY insulin specifically approved for use in pumps is Velosulin 
BR. However, that means very little. That is simply because Novo 
Nordisk went to the trouble to do the testing and submission to the 
FDA. That does not mean other insulins can not be used. They are all 
approved for human use and that is all that is required for a 
physician to prescribe them for ANY VALID MEDICAL PURPOSE.
Many medications are prescribed in this manner. To better put it in 
perspective, I'm pretty sure saline solution is not approved for use 
in pumps, but it is routinely "prescribed" as part of the start up 
sequence for training pump users.

The bottom line is that approval for specific application is not 
required for medications to be prescribed for a specific purpose by a 
physician. This is standard practice and has been going on since 
before there was an FDA.

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