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Re: [IP] Unused Insulin

> so, if we ate dinner at 6 PM and at 8 PM geneva is 190...should we
> still correct to a target of 150 (post meal goal)  LESS the unused
> insulin...

you need to gather enough information about Geneva's individual 
response to her insulin and the particular foods she eats to make 
that call yourself. I would be reluctant to guess on a 190 for my 
daughter, even after 5 years of pumping. the difference between 140 
and 190 is small and the risk of over medicating is high. A check in 
another hour would give a lot more information. And.... again, it is 
highly dependent on the particular food in question.

Example.... Lily ate last night and checked an hour after dinner and 
was 240. She decided to bolus down and ended up (2hours later) having 
to eat 15 grams of carbo because she over-corrected. Many times it is 
a crap shoot. Relax. The object is stability, not exact numbers.

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