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[IP] Re: WHY no humalog in pumps? (also pre-filled carts) :It requires an Rx

In response to:
-why hasn't humalog been approved for pumps anyway?  I know i know . . .I'm
-uninformed. .  .please inform me!! --Gianna

-This is not what my  clinic is saying.  I am on Humalog all the time with
-nothing else mixed in.  They started me day one and so far I am doing
-Is this not approved in other parts of the country?

To get Humalog in the U.S., you must have a prescription. In my original
post I lamented the un-availability of PRE-FILLED CARTRIDGES, suspecting
the FDA's holding up of approval for Humalog use in pumps. Until it's
approved, the pump companies won't be manufacturing prefilled Humalog
carts. When it is approved, I hope to be able to go to any pharmacy and buy
cartridges or vials of it w/o needing a doctor's permission. Please don't
read this to mean that pumpers aren't using (prescribed) Humalog. Holy cow,
that'd be like saying pumpers aren't the products of evolution. (tee hee!
couldn't resist that one, but I like to think of us as defying the rules of
natural selection. Maybe I should use a somewhat less topical analogy...)
Several people posted messages giving me the latest news about pre-filled
cartridges -that is, that both D and M are planning on marketing them. This
came as great news, thanks! It makes sense that both companies would have
them waiting in the wings for the inevitable (but when?) approval. It'll be
so nice. The days of wielding a cartridge with a syringe the size of a
knitting needle, tapping on the side, cursing at bubbles--like Dr. Jekyll
in his lab--will not be missed. A tech rep at Disetronic wouldn't give me
info on whether they'll offer Humalog/Velosulin mixes. If the answer from
both companies is "no," I wonder how many of us will trade in the longer
site-life/nuanced control of mixing for the convenience of humalog-only,
bubble-free prefilled cartridges? My humalog-only days veered more often
into Mr. Hyde territory than with my current 1/5 mix...

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