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Re: [IP] carb/insulin ratio

Michael, that is an interesting graph.  But don't you think some people
have entered some wrong numbers? Does anyone really ahve a carb/ins ratio
of 1 or 2?  I can believe some of the real sensitive ones, probably kids,
on the high end of the graph,  but it would be mighty hard to bolus for a
meal if the ratio were in the low single digits.

>> i'm wondering how much variability there is among the carb/insulin
>> ratio among us pumpers.  What do people use?......
>>   Is there some  graph of this,

>Well.... turns out we do collect that data, although it is only a
>single average number for each individual. I put a graph up on the
>ABOUT page that shows the distribution for all reporting individuals.
>The average is about 12-13
See http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/about.shtml#carbi

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