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[IP] A bend in the road..

Haven't written for a spell, lately I have been having
a perplexing thing happen.  I use Tenders/Sils for my
infusion.   My insulin and carbo are generally running
at an even keel, until for some reason my infusion gets
a bend in the last 1/4 of it.  This is unbeknownst to
me until I remove the set.  It has happened several
times in the last 2 months.  I was of wonder if anyone
else has this happen, and if there was a cure for it.
My  infusions are not deep,  but I am quite active.  I
cannot wear them in my abdomin, as they will not last
more than a day and half, so I wear them in my thigh,
or upper butt for a full 3 days.  I have more crashes
when the infusion gets bent,as the absorption rate is
affected, but not stopped, and it always is a day
before the next change so I don't always think of the
bent infusion that may be inside why my test are
running so weird.
If anyone has had this occur, and has an answer or just
an idea, I'd apreciate any info you may have, thanks.
Laurie b.

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