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Re: [IP] the "homemade" thigh thing

I have a thigh thing variation I made after the one I bought wouldn't
hold the pump when I made is small enough to stay up on my leg.  Since I
wear it just below the knee or above the knee just a bit above the
dress, it is easy to just reach up and bolus.  If I am somewhere noisy,
I may have to have my ear closer to the pump to hear the beeps so I am
sure I am getting the right bolus but so far I have been able to do it
without a problem.  If someone asks what I am doing, I would happy tell
them about the pump <g>.  My dresses are at or below the knee so I don't
know about shorter dresses.

Geneva wrote:

> are,we discovered that it could be potentially embarrassing to reach up my
> dress and expose my underwear to bolus.

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