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Re: [IP] Re: John Walsh (long)

um . . .i'm probably going to regret opening my big mouth here . . .but . . 
.if there's one thing this list has shown me it's that there is pretty much 
no way to change someone elses way of life or way of dealing with being a 
diabetic or having diabetes or whatever . . .no one on this list is trying 
to sabatage their health or anyone elses with the way they eat/etc etc.  . 
.it's just that everyone lives differently. . . i know i'm trying to makea 
point here but I'm getting messed up so I'll stop now.  --Gianna

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>Subject: [IP] Re: John Walsh (long)
>Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 16:32:30 EDT
>Jill seems to have a problem with my philosophy of not viewing my son as a
>diabetic (a word, a label, I CHOOSE not to use. I prefer instead to see  my
>son as a person who loves to read, has many creative ideas, video game
>afficianado.....and he has diabetes.  I don't like to sum him up as "a
>diabetic").  Here's our correspondence.  Just want to get people's views on
>this correspondence.  Frankly I'm flabbergasted by it.  The debate of
>diabetes vs. diabetic has been tossed around for ages , even in Diabetes
>To: email @ redacted
>Unfortunately, IMHO, John Walsh knows crap about diabetes.  So big deal.  
>wrote a book.  I am not saying that eating a candy bar once in a great 
>is a bad idea, especially if one is low, but to do it on the way to work 
>then on the way home EVERYDAY is not appropriate,  especially for a 
>  That is something that should not be done on a regular basis.  He could 
>simply turned off his pump and rode to work.  And just because your kid is 
>a pump does not mean that they don't have to live like a diabetic.  I think 
>would know a little better than you.  I have been pumping for 20 years now,
>and a diabetic for 38.  I was diagnosed at the age of 10 mos.  Put some 
>on your kid and you will begin to understand.  Pumping is not a full proof
>way to prevent complications.  It offers a little leeway and more
>flexibility, but eventually time will take it's toll.
>My son was diagnosed as a still nursing on demand toddler at the age of 15
>months.  He endured 6 years of MDI which failed him misearbly , as did the
>rigid meal plan, yada yada yada.  He's been pumping more than 4 years now,
>his bloodwork looks good.  If he wants a snickers bar every day, he can 
>it.  He's not a diabetic, as I don't use that word.  He is a person with 
>qualities, and he has diabetes too.  John Walsh's book transformed my life 
>that it opened up the world of pumping to me as it has to countless others.
>Good luck and good health to you..
>Ellen H. Ullman...
>From:   email @ redacted (Jill M Meyer)
>To: email @ redacted
>I feel sorry for you, moreover I feel sorry for your son.  You mention that
>reading John's book transformed your life, what did it do to your son???  
>didn't read the book.  Besides the fact that he is on a pump and his bgs 
>great.  Your biggest mistake is saying to him that he is not a diabetic, he
>just has diabetes.  He is a diabetic.  There will never been any running
>from that truth. What will you do when HIS diabetes is no longer in YOUR
>control.  As far as giving him a candy bar every day if he wants
>one.....sounds to me like a guilt trip on your behalf.  He isn't a dog and
>rewarding him because his bgs are great isn't a good idea.   I have seen
>your posts on many a news group and lists.  You have done some good work on
>getting people familiarized with pumps and opening doors for kids on them.
>But some things you cannot change.
>In a message dated 8/26/99 1:14:07 PM EST, email @ redacted 
> > But some things you cannot change.
>Please spare me your feeling sorry for me and my son.  You obviously know 
>NOT to change.
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