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Re: [IP] Any teachers out there?

Hi! I'm sorry that I don't really have any advice for you . . but I wish you 
lots of luck . . .I know I would love to have a pumping teacher myself . . 
.the closest I've had is a math teacher who has a diabetic brother, and 
english teacher with a diabetic sister, and a history teacher with a 
diabetic sister!  Sigh.  Maybe you'll meet s pumping kid! both my parents 
are teachers so I really wish you luck! --GiannA

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>Subject: [IP] Any teachers out there?
>Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 15:05:05 -0400
>School starts tomorrow...kids start Monday.  I'm a teacher who's got
>worries.  I just started pumping this week, so I realize that I may be up
>against some challenges in the first few weeks of the learning process.
>Although I read a lot about how kids deal with their diabetes at school, &
>what they are sometimes up against, I don't see anything from those of us 
>the other end of the desk!
>I have taught high school (& some middle school, off & on) vocal music &
>theatre arts programs for the past ten years.  During that time, I've 
>been very open about my medical needs/requirements with my students...who
>are just wonderful!  (Sometimes they notice signs of hypoglycemia faster
>than I do, & suggest during rehearsal that I check my sugar or eat
>something.)  I wasn't figuring that my approach would need to be any
>different with the pump...it would probably fascinate the ones who get all
>excited about my meter!  :)  The thing I'm worried about is, it's looking
>like I'll be doing a complete change this year, & teaching music K-4
>instead!!  Now, the switching grade levels part, I'm a little excited about
>(it was time for a change, I think)- but I don't know the best route as far
>as handling "diabetic issues" (for lack of a better term), such as the need
>to test or possible reactions, where smaller children are concerned.  
>out there have any good advice to offer?
>(honeymooning with her H-TRONplus, & desperately in love with it!!!  :)  )
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