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Re: [IP] WHY no humalog in pumps?? (was colored insulin, etc.)

why hasn't humalog been approved for pumps anyway?  I know i know . . .I'm 
uninformed. .  .please inform me!! --Gianna

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>Subject: Re: [IP] colored insulin --I'd rather have pre-filled, bubble 
>-free cartridges!
>Date: Thu, 26 Aug 1999 15:10:37 -0400
>what a great concept, renee!!!
>ruth and geneva
> > My own personal "wish list" was for Eli Lilly to color
> > their insulin, so we could actually SEE the air bubbles more clearly
>through the tubing!!
>Personally, I'd rather not have a 24-hour infusion of artificial dye into
>my bloodstream. My "wish list" item would be for Humalog to be approved for
>pump therapy, leading the way to the availability of PRE-FILLED CARTRIDGES.
>This, I think would not only eliminate bubbles, but would also save us lots
>of time filling the dang things. Looking ahead another 10-15 years (I'm an
>eternal optomist), maybe the FDA will see the benefit of the various
>mixtures of Velosulin with Humalog, giving us access to pre-mixed,
>pre-filled cartridges. After that, I won't ask for anything else. I
>promise. Except maybe a dead-mint 1964 GTO convertible, oh, and a flying
>carpet with a treasure map in the glove compartment.
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