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[IP] the "homemade" thigh thing

Have you tried one of those elastic knee braces?  That's what I use.  I bought it one size bigger that I would wear on my knee and pull it up on my thigh.  I tuck the pump in between the brace and my leg.  It hasn't fallen out once.  Some of them also have an extra layer of neoprene that can be cut with a slit to form a pocket to put the pump in.
>my mom and I had an idea to cut off a piece of a pair of old tights, and
>then put that around the thigh for the pump to clip on. but geniuses we
>are,we discovered that it could be potentially embarrassing to reach up my
>dress and expose my underwear to bolus.
>has anyone successfully tried the ace bandage thing???
>Geneva, pumping since 6/10/99