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Re: [IP] Re: where to clip a pump


Yes, just a regular garter. I sometimes have to pull it up on my thigh, but 
it's never slipped below my knee.

As for drinking, I just make sure I don't drink too much and always have 
something to eat with it. When you drink, your liver focuses on processing 
the alcohol and won't release glycogen (is that the right stuff? I always get 
confused) if you start to go low.


In a message dated 8/29/99 10:54:52 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< what kind of garter, jan?      a regular garter?    i was afraid with the 
 weight of my pump it would fall.      i've only worn my pump for a few 
 but will be going to my high school class reunion soon, and am trying to 
 on where to put my pump.
 i'd love to have a drink there, something i haven't been able to do for 
 years!     would i dual wave or just bolus for it? >>
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