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[IP] wearing dresses

>Hi all--
>I've been experimenting, and I think I've found a pump/dress solution that
will work for me.  I sewed a pump-sized pocket along the side seam of one
of my slips.  The pump fits in the pocket in the same position it would
normally hang from my belt clip and "hangs" just above my knee.  Since the
pump is attached to my slip, the weight of the pump pulls down on the slip
instead of on the dress.  I wore the slip with a fairly close-fitting
(princess-seam, flared skirt) dress and it was both comfortable and easy to
access.  I am going to add a velcro closure to the top of the pocket to
avoid having the pump slip out of the pocket when I'm "arranging" my garments.
>Hope this idea helps someone else--I just couldn't get comfortable with
any of the other solutions that have been posted because the pump (or my
underwear) always seemed to be in danger of slipping off <vbg>!
>Doreen in Wyoming
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