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Re: [IP] Re: where to clip a pump

email @ redacted wrote:
>  My nurse-ed wears
> lightly supported stockings and puts her pump on her thigh near her knee
> (between the stocking and the leg).  If the skirt is short just move the pump
> up.  The stocking trick for dresses without a pocket seems to be the best to
> me.

The only thing that would make me uncomfortable about my pump in
stockings is the difficulty of getting to it when I need to bolus. 

But I never wear short skirts, anyway! :)

I'm having this mental image at the moment of suspending the pump on a
chain (gold, of course!) and wearing it around your neck: 

"What an unusual necklace you're wearing, dear!!"

 "Well, it's a designer exclusive -- it cost $5,000, and you HAVE to be
pre-approved for it!"

"I'm just DYING of jealousy!!!"

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