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Re: [IP] Re: where to clip a pump

I am not one to give advice on this topic because I don't wear dresses very 
often--mostly shorts, slacks, & skirts which are no problems.  In dresses 
that have pockets I have cut a small hole in the inside of a pocket and just 
kept my pump in my pocket.  I have some dressy overalls that I keep the pump 
clipped to my panties and then just reach in to get my pump when I need it.  
The sides of my overalls are low so it is very easy to do.  My nurse-ed wears 
lightly supported stockings and puts her pump on her thigh near her knee 
(between the stocking and the leg).  If the skirt is short just move the pump 
up.  The stocking trick for dresses without a pocket seems to be the best to 

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