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Re: [IP] Re: where to clip a pump

Jennifer -
Wish I understood better (very red-faced) - you mean you clip the pump to the top of your underwear? or to the top of your pantyhose?  Do you mean MM's strap hangs down from your panties?  I haven't seen anything like that strap on their page, but I haven't been able to wear some of my favorite dresses since getting this pump.  I have had to resort to wearing jeans at my job, and have warned everybody - I'll be showing up in jeans until I figure out a way to hang this pump with a dress.  Suits are no problem.  I also tried hanging it on the side of my bra - but like you said, very hot (also I had to go into the bathroom to bolus, major inconvenience) - I only did that one day.  But I have nice dresses just hanging in my closet that I can't wear with this pump.  I would love to understand your solution to this problem.  E-mail me privately, if you like.  email @ redacted.
Thanks, Jane