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Re: [IP] Quandaries for teachers

>   Anyway, if the kid is low enough 
> to where they are about to crash, it'll most likely be apparent to the 
> teacher by the time the kid leaves the room.  

This is a very dangerous and incorrect assumption. I have an adult friend 
that is type 1 and both he and my daughter have been below 30 and no one 
knew until they tested.  Much lower and they crash. The friend has gotten 
in his car and driven off in this condition to be found hours later not 
knowing where he is or has been. Fortunately, no one has been hurt and he 
does not do it intentionally (or often).

It is not safe to let a person that is low wander off. They may think
they are fine and you may think they are fine and a few minutes latter 
everything goes to (bleep) in a hand basket. Sure, usually every thing 
works out ok, but it is the exceptions to this that are potentially life 
threatening. Sending someone to look for a kid that doesn't come back 
from the restroom is not a great solution if they happen to be lying 
somewhere in seizure. 

This particular no-no is even spelled out in my daughter's 504 plan.

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