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Re: [IP] Quandaries for teachers

Good point.  I never had a problem with this, though.  There are almost
always school officials and teachers roaming the halls during classes.  How
do you think they catch the kids who aren't supposed to be there?  I just
asked to use the restroom, and stepped out into the hallway.  The teacher
knew what was wrong and what I was doing, so she could send someone after me
if I wasn't back in a couple of minutes.  Anyway, if the kid is low enough
to where they are about to crash, it'll most likely be apparent to the
teacher by the time the kid leaves the room.  As a teenager (and my brother
is like this too, only even more extreme) I didn't want my peers to know
about diabetes or what I was doing when I tested or treated a low.  I didn't
want to get special treatment because I didn't want to seem any different
from the other students.


>The last thing in the world you want to do is send someone that's low
>off by themselves so they can crash where there is no assistance or
>wander off not knowing where they are or what's going on. I have
>adult friends with diabetes that occasionally get caught in that
>revolving door.
>email @ redacted

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