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[IP] Re: where to clip a pump

It's a little uncomfortable, but...... What I do, for Minimed since I don't know if this will work for Disetronic, is use a leg holder that straps to my underwear. What's uncomfortable? Well the pump is heavy enough to pull the underwear down. <g> (A little red faced.) So I get the largest size of control underwear that I can stand that still tucks me in and thus has enough strength to hold up the pump. You can look at these on the MiniMed web site but I believe that other Diabetic suppliers on the web carry them. They are not very expensive. They also have the beauty of making the pump a little more accessible in a public situation. All you do is show a little leg when you lift up the skirt. Of course miniskirts would not work real well with these. (But since my figure does not lend itself to a miniskirt that is not an issue <g>.)
Good luck,
IDDM 35 years
pumping 3 3/4 years